How it works

Cartesian Software specializes in creating innovative cloud-based solutions, designed to empower non-technical users with easy access to cutting-edge mathematical optimization and machine learning tools within the energy sector.

This approach streamlines the adoption of advanced technologies, making them more accessible and user-friendly for professionals in this industry.

Model energy transition scenarios faster than you can make a cup of tea.


Our subscribers enjoy the convenience of immediate access to our platform, where they can effortlessly utilize our tools to delve into the future of the power grid. Our service eliminates the need for a lengthy 6-12 month setup period typically required for input configuration. Instead, we offer a streamlined experience with all the necessary curated inputs readily available from the onset, saving valuable time and resources.


Cloud platform.
No dataset management.
Zero software licences.

At Cartesian, our philosophy is rooted in the belief that the true power of models lies in the ability to seamlessly run numerous simulations and comprehend the intricate interactions that define the future of the power grid. Our user-friendly platform enables you to swiftly engage, tailor inputs that matter to you, run models, and analyze the results. If you’re focused on specific projections, like the cost of coal or wind farms in 2030, without getting bogged down by complex modeling technicalities, we are confident that our solution can effectively meet your modeling requirements.

A subscription to our service immediately provides you with access to:

  • Our curated energy market datasets that are constantly being reviewed and kept up to date without you having to worry about them.
  • The ability to choose how fast and granular your energy market simulations are – we’ve engineered our models to run in as little as 5 minutes.
  • The ability to easily submit models running the scenarios that interest you on our cloud compute infrastructure – no need to worry about acquiring your own powerful computers, software licences, and manually waiting until each run finishes to submit the next.

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